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Comprehensive instructions[edit source]

Media Wiki instructions[edit source]

There's no need in recreating this. Go to

Wiki Markup[edit source]

There is also a good primer at

Images[edit source]

Remember to refer to the photo release policy. Always mark images you upload with who the photographer is and that permission has been obtained. Images without permission on file may be removed without warning. For more details on the SCA Release form policy see:

Gender specific terms[edit source]

Please do not add content directly to gender specific terms such as Baron or Duchess if it can be avoided. Instead, add the content to the combined terms (i.e. Baron/Baroness or Duke/Duchess) and then add a REDIRECT to each of the singular terms.

Naming Conventions[edit source]

File names[edit source]

When you upload a file (usually a picture) you do not have to keep the original file name and most often should rename the file to our standard convention so that other users can find and use the file more easily.

  • Portrait pictures of people: The person's full name (for example MilesentVibert) If more than one picture, follow it with a - and descriptive word or incremented number.
  • Pictures of someone's arms: The person's full name followed by -arms (for example MilesentVibert-arms)
  • Illustrations for a specific article: You should use the intended article title followed by a - and either a descriptive word or "figure1", "figure2" etc. (for example costuming-figure3)
  • Pictures from events: should include a shortened form of the event name and the year (for example WarPractice2023) followed by a - and either a descriptive word or incremented number (for example WarPractice2023-court or WarPractice2021-23)

Plural or Singular page titles[edit source]

Please do not create new articles with plural names. For example it is preferred to create a page called scribe rather than "scribes." Do create Redirects for plural pages to their singular counterparts if necessary. When creating Categories, however, it is proper that they be plural as a category is always more than one item.

Acronyms[edit source]

Please do NOT add content directly to an acronym. Instead, add the content to explanation and then REDIRECT the acronym to it. For example, an article should be called "Society for Creative Anachronism", not "SCA".

Redirects[edit source]

To create a redirect, use the following syntax on the first line of the document you wish to be redirected: #REDIRECT [[ ... ]]

Templates[edit source]

Templates in general are small bits of wiki code that are displayed the same across multiple different pages as shown here:
That is added to a page by this code: {{territories}}
This gives us a list of all Kingdom Territories at the bottom of each page for the Baronies, Shires, and so on. Any changes needing to be made are only made on the template page, not on each individual page.

Another style of template is a formatting Template as shown here:
This provides a standard template for groups to use when adding/updating their pages.
Usage is fill in the blanks shown below (changing the bold sections for whatever is appropriate for your group:
{{Territory|name=GroupName|device=[[Image: Device.jpg for group ]]|devicecaption=Description of device|founded=became a Barony/shire/canton in 19XX|modernlocation=Covers the cities of Everywhere and Nowhere}}

Popular Templates used in this Wiki[edit source]

To mark a page as a populace page, use {{Populace}} more details on using this template are on our using the How to - Persona page Page.

To mark something as needing to be expanded include the "Articles to be Expanded" template by typing {{expand}} at the top of the article.

To mark something as needing a photo include the "Photo Requested" template by typing {{reqphoto}} at the top of the article.

The {{territories}} used as an example above.

To mark someone as a current or former sovereign of the Kingdom OF Aethelmearc, use the {{AEkings}} or {{AEqueens}} template.

Templates should be applied at the top of a page, categories at the bottom.