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Instructions on making a Persona page on this Wiki.

First you will need a link off of an existing page or Search for your persona name (which is easier)[edit | edit source]

  • To make the name a link just put double square brackets on either side of the name (Make sure it is spelled right first!) and save the page. The name will now be a link!

    [[Example Name]] will show as Example Name

    • Peers of the realm, check out the Peerage pages, your name may be there already!
    • Local group officers, your group's page is a good spot to link yourself! (A handy list of groups is at the Local groups Category)
    • When all else fails, you can link from your personal user page. Look in the upper right corner of the screen, the first link (before 'my talk' 'my preferences'... 'log out' etc.) is your user page. (It's also your log-in name for this wiki) If it is red, you haven't made a user page yet. Click on it to make the page.

      Note: User Pages are separate from Persona pages! Use the Persona page to tell us about you; the user page should just include information about you as a wiki editor. (user contributions, etc.) For example check out Markus' Markus skalpr Grimsson Persona Page, compared to his MarkusSkalprGrimsson User page.

    • Click on the link to make a new page for your persona
  • You can also search for your name in the search bar and the page will show as not found and you can create it on that page.

Use the Persona page template[edit | edit source]

  1. Reviewing the Persona Page Framework will be helpful!
  2. The first line of the new page should be the link to the Persona template, which is the word 'Populace' in curly brackets:


  3. The template includes several predefined content areas, to use these you need to insert a pipe (line) and then list each area, an equal sign and the content to put in that area.

    Here is a blank example of the Populace template with all sub-categories defined you can copy and paste into your new Persona page:
    {{Populace|photo = [[Image:Missing pic.jpg|300px]]| photocaption = caption | location = | status = Current Member | device = [[Image:Missing arms-icon.jpg]] | devicecaption = blazon }}

  4. Upload an image of yourself and/or an image of your registered arms to include on your persona page; you can do this via the 'Upload file' link in the left navigation box. When you upload a file, be sure to categorize it to the [[Category:Portrait Images]] or [[Category:Arms Images]] You set the file name when you upload the file, that is the link to include in the template above. More detailed steps under How to - Upload Images
    • For your convenience, here is a link to the Arms Images Category and the Portrait Images Category.
    • Put the portrait image into the "photo = [[Image:<insert file name here>|300px]]" line, note the 300px specifies the width of the picture in pixels and will re-size your picture to that width. If your picture is smaller than 300 pixels across, leave the |300px out.
    • Put the arms image into the "device = [[Image:<insert file name here>]]" line.
  5. Put the name of your local group into the "location = <insert group name here>" section. You will want to put double-brackets around the group name to make it a link to your local group's page.
  6. Don't forget to write out the blazon for your registered arms in the "devicecaption = <blazon>" section.

Add other sub-sections to the page if needed[edit | edit source]

Make a sub-section by putting two or three equal signs on either side of your header or sub-header (the more equal signs the lower the header).

Here are some popular sub-headers you can copy-paste to your Persona page:
== Persona ==

== Offices & Positions ==

== Miscellany ==

==Interests and SCA-related hobbies ==

Other Categories and Templates for Persona Pages[edit | edit source]

There are several categories for Persona pages on this Wiki including:

Time Periods[edit | edit source]

[[Category:Dark Ages]] [[Category:Migration Period]] [[Category:Romanesque Era]] [[Category:Gothic Era]] [[Category:Renaissance Era]] [[Category:Elizabethan Era]] [[Category:Cavalier Era]]

Cultures[edit | edit source]

* [[Category:Celtic Personas]] * [[Category:English Personas]] * [[Category:French Personas]] * [[Category:German Personas]] * [[Category:Hungarian Personas]] * [[Category:Irish Personas]] * [[Category:Italian Personas]] * [[Category:Japanese Personas]] * [[Category:Mongolian Personas]] * [[Category:Norse Personas]] * [[Category:Ottoman Personas]] * [[Category:Persian Personas]] * [[Category:Pictish Personas]] * [[Category:Russian Personas]] * [[Category:Scottish Personas]] * [[Category:Spanish Personas]] * [[Category:Turkish Personas]]

Peerages[edit | edit source]

[[Category:Chivalry]] [[Category:Pelicans]] [[Category:Laurels]] [[Category:Defense]]

Dearly Departed[edit | edit source]

[[Category:In Memoriam]]

Kingdom Officer and Royalty Templates[edit | edit source]

To apply a template, put the template name in curly brackets on a page (Usually templates are applied at the top of the page, categories at the bottom.) For example: {{AEkings}}


  • Template:AEPollingOrders
  • Template:AEqueens
  • Template:AEkings
  • Template:AEmoas
  • Template:AEchroniclers
  • Template:AEmarshals
  • Template:AEseneschals
  • Template:AEheralds
  • Template:AEchirurgeons
  • Template:AEexchequers