Markus skalpr Grimsson

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Markus skalpr Grimsson
Resides: Shire of Ballachlagan
Status: Current Member
Awards: Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Argent, a chevron engrailed vert, in chief two ravens sable

Pronouns[edit | edit source]


Persona[edit | edit source]

An Icelandic individual first half of the 11th century. I also portray a late period individual who has studied Italian, German and English swordsmanship.

Offices & Positions[edit | edit source]

2024-Present Exchequer, Shire of Ballachlagan, Kingdom of Aethelmearc
2022-Present Clerk of the order of the White Scarf, Kingdom of Aethelmearc
2019-Present Fencing Marshal at Large, Kingdom of Aethelmearc
2019-2021 Seneschal, Shire of Ballachlagan, Kingdom of Aethelmearc
2018-2019 Founding Seneschal, Incipient Canton of Woods End, Kingdom of Midrealm
2018-2019 Fencing Marshal, Incipient Canton of Woods End, Kingdom of Midrealm
2013-2018 Fencing Marshal at Large, Kingdom of Aethelmearc

Fealty Ties[edit | edit source]

White Scarf to Ferruccio DiCosimo

Awards[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Awards[edit | edit source]

Award of Arms 2012-05-26
Companion of the Golden Thorn 2013-03-13
Companion of the Golden Alce 2014-05-17
Sigil of Aethelmearc 2014-08-03
Companion of the Cornelian 2015-08-02
Sigil of Aethelmearc 2016-02-13
Companion of the Sycamore 2016-04-09
Companion of the White Scarf 2018-01-13
Award of the Purple Fret 2019-03-02 Middle Kingdom (Service)
Companion of the Keystone 2023-01-23

Order of Defense 2024-01-13

Baronial Awards[edit | edit source]

Companion of the Red Comet 2012-08-05 Debatable Lands (Martial)
Companion of the Blue-Silver Comet 2015-10-17 Debatable Lands (A&S)

In Case of Court[edit | edit source]

Surprises highly encouraged. Please contact Sumayya al Ghaziyya ( for scheduling, preferences, or any other questions.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies[edit | edit source]

Woodworking, Weaving, Fencing, Combat Archery

SCA Projects[edit | edit source]

[AEPolling] A web application designed for SCA polling orders to poll and track candidates.
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