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Barony of Thescorre

Founded: 1978-10-14
Modern Location: Greater Rochester NY

The Barony of Thescorre is the second oldest Barony within the Kingdom of Æthelmearc having been founded on 1978-10-14 as a Barony within the East Kingdom. It is centered around Rochester, NY and in 2024 covers the area from Albion in the Northwest corner to Wolcott in the Northeast corner, from Warsaw and Letchworth State Park in the Southwest corner to Penn Yan in the Southeast corner.

Thescorre was initially founded on the campus of the University of Rochester in about 1975(?) as the Shire of Thescorre. Due to the dry and sunny Rochester weather, it was nicknamed "The Shire of the Mire".

The Landed Baronage of Thescorre[edit | edit source]

Roll of the Landed Barons and Baronesses of Thescorre
Number Name Date
Founding Alric Bowbreaker of the High March
Megryth Bowbreaker of the High March
2nd Saleem ibn Alefan ibn Iftakruddin
Sadira bint Wassouf
3rd Devin Adair Bartholomy
Daedra McBeth a Gryphon
4th Fridrikr Tomasson av Knusslig Hamn
Orianna Fridrikskona
5th Cedric the Humble
Peregrine of Thescorre
6th Eric Grenier de Labarre
Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina
7th Aquila d'Athos
Bronwyn nic Gregor
8th Sadira bint Wassouf 2015-06-27
9th Eldjarn the Thoghtful
Dubheasa inghen Dubgaill
10th Andriú mac Domhnaill
Nuzha bint Saleem

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