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A competition among armored combatants, rapier combatants or archers, usually designed along modern elimination lines, to select a single winner. A tournament or tournaments are a common feature of a weekend SCA event. A tournament is also commonly called a Tourney.

Types of armored or rapier tournaments include:

Other Types of Tournaments[edit | edit source]

Commentary on the Use of the Name Tournament in Some Contexts[edit | edit source]

This mostly rises with regards to the Tournaments of Chivalry, Tournaments of Defense, and Tournaments of Arts. In these events, there typically is no event in which a victor is chosen.

"Why call this a tournament?" For many people, a tournament includes a contest in which there is a victor. However, the event conforms to another somewhat historical meaning of the word:

3. b. a meeting at an appointed time and place for the performance of knightly exercises and sports.