Order of the Chivalry

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The regalia of the order is (Fieldless) A white belt and (Tinctureless) A circular chain.
The regalia of the order is (Fieldless) A white belt and (Tinctureless) A circular chain.

Peerage[edit | edit source]

The Order of Chivalry is an order of peerage that is the highest honor one can receive for martial prowess within the SCA. Those so recognized choose either to become a Knight or a Master of Arms. Knights are required to swear fealty to the Crown and can be recognized by the wearing of a simple white belt and unadorned gold chain. Masters of Arms may swear fealty and are recognized by the wearing of a simple white Baldric. Masters of Arms may wear an unadorned gold chain when they are in fealty. Both may wear gold spurs.

The Order is of equal precedence with the other three Polling Order Peerages, the Laurel, the Pelican and the Defense.

The Order of the Chivalry is a polling order; members meet regularly in person (and electronically) to discuss potential new inductees and give their advice to the Crown. It is a frequent misconception that the Chivalry elect new members, they merely advise the King and Queen of whom they feel is ready to join the Order, it is the Crown that chooses who to induct and elevates them.

Induction into this Order confers a Patent of Arms if the recipient has not already received one.

Code of Behavior[edit | edit source]

See Chivralic Virtues

Members of the Order of Chivalry[edit | edit source]

Frederick of Holland 1971-06-19 West Master of Arms
Bearengaer hinn Raudi 1972-04-20 Middle Knight
Jehan de la Marche 1972-09-23 East Knight
Garanhir of Ness 1974-03-23 East Knight
Barak Hasdrubal 1980-01-05 East Knight
Emeric Wendel 1981-01-10 Middle Knight
Barak Elandris Mago 1981-03-21 East Knight
Ogami Akira 1981-08-15 East Knight
Raimund of the Strait 1981-11-07 East Knight
Atai Yoshina 1982-08-22 East Knight
Hrothgar of Farley 1982-10-10 Ansteorra Knight
Alric Bowbreaker of the High March 1983-03-19 East Knight
Eliahu ben Itzhak 1983-04-16 Middle Knight
Traidenas Wilkas of Winter Oak 1984-01-07 East Knight
Sten Halvorsen 1984-08-19 East Knight
Veikr of Wales 1985-01-12 East Knight
Barak Elandris Hanno von Halstern 1985-08-18 East Knight
Tyracke of Tryndylyr 1986-03-15 East Knight
Sebastian Nightwind 1986-05-10 East Knight
Wulfbrand Lurkr 1986-08-16 Atenveldt Knight
Alexander Caithnes of Wyk 1987-01-10 East Knight
Seanan an Chasur 1987-08-15 East Knight
Barak Carthalo 1987-08-15 East Knight
Andreas Hak 1987-10-24 East Knight
John the Pell 1987-11-14 East Master of Arms
Æleric Smythe 1988-07-16 East Master of Arms
Lucan von Drachenklaue 1988-08-19 Resigned, East Master of Arms
Morgunn Sheridan 1988-08-21 East Knight
Kormakr Ulfshofuth 1989-03-18 East Master of Arms
Maghnus an Chnoic na n'Iora 1989-08-18 East Knight
Mordreth Mjothvitner 1989-08-19 East Knight
Barak Elandris Bear the Wallsbane 1989-08-20 East Knight
Bedawyr of Avaricum 1989-12-02 East Knight
Timothy of Arindale 1990-08-18 Atlantia Knight
Kikuchi no Tsuranaga 1990-08-19 East Knight
Ariel of Alon 1993-01-02 East Knight
Mord Hrutson the Green 1993-04-03 East Knight
Haakon Oaktall 1993-05-29 East Knight
Drusilus von Oberbessenbach 1993-09-18 Atenveldt Master of Arms
Sven Gunnarsson 1993-10-30 Drachenwald Knight
Tarbold Celeris 1995-03-11 Knight
Koga Yoshitsune 1995-08-19 East Knight
Andrew MacFarlan of Wigan 1995-10-07 Atlantia Knight
Edmond Dracatorr 1996-10-12 East Knight
Yngvar the Dismal 1996-11-23 East Knight
Robin Wallace 1997-01-04 Resigned 2009-10-17 Master of Arms
Christopher of York 1997-08-15 East Knight
Sigenoth the Blissful 1997-10-04 Knight
Michael of Northwood 1998-02-07 Knight
Daene Ferris 1998-03-21 Knight
Sextus Plinius Callidus 1998-07-11 Knight
Guido Martini of Trinacria 1998-08-14 Knight
Rowan de la Garnison 1998-08-14 Knight
James Ahearn 1998-09-05 Knight
Matthias Sean Cameron 1998-09-12 Knight
Orlando Alvarez 1998-10-10 Knight
Reinhardt von Berchtesgaden 1999-03-20 Knight
Matthew Blackleaf 1999-05-00 Drachenwald Knight
Otto of Westphalia 1999-05-22 Knight
Christopher Rawlyns 1999-08-17 Knight
Rurik Longsword 1999-08-20 Middle Knight
Lucan von Drachenklaue 2000-08-18 East Knight
Malcolm Duncan MacEoghainn 2000-09-16 Knight
Maynard von dem Steine 2000-09-30 Knight
Erling The Boar Ring 2001-06-16 Master of Arms
Kadan Chákhilgan Ger on Echen 2001-07-21 Knight
Henri d'Artois 2001-08-16 Resigned Knight
Murdoch Bayne 2001-09-08 Knight
Finn Marland O'Shannon 2002-01-12 Resigned Knight
Isenwulf Thorolfssone 2002-03-23 Knight
Magariki Katsuichi no Koredono 2002-08-13 Knight
Titus Scipio Germanicus 2002-10-13 West Knight
Alonzio of the Peacemakers 2003-03-15 Knight
Dmitriy Shelomin 2003-10-04 West Knight
Tristen Sexwulf 2003-10-04 Knight
Dirk MacMartin 2003-11-22 Calontir Knight
Graedwynn Mab Teyrnon 2004-04-03 Knight
Angus MacBain 2004-08-17 Knight
Wulfstan Huscarl 2004-12-11 Knight
Khalek Shurrag Od 2005-08-19 Knight
Duncan von Halstern 2007-08-07 Knight
Marcus Eisenwald 2007-08-10 Drachenwald Knight
Alric of the Mists 2008-03-01 Knight
Magnus Tindal 2008-08-06 Knight
Hróðgeirr Ívarsson 2009-01-17 Knight
Óláfr Þorvarðarson 2009-08-04 Knight
Thorgrim Skullsplitter 2009-08-04 Knight
Robin Wallace 2009-10-17 Knight
Stevan Ulfkellson 2010-09-25 Knight
Thomas Byron of Haverford 2012-01-14 Knight
Gabriel Hawkes 2012-03-13 Knight
Gareth Kincaid 2012-11-03 Knight
Hauoc the Wild 2013-03-30 Knight
Vladimir Mechnik 2013-08-01 Knight
Ariella of Thornbury 2014-02-22 Knight
Tiberius Pinarius Varro 2014-08-04 Knight
Andreas Morgan 2014-08-08 Knight
Tarl MacLave 2014-09-20 Knight
Arnþorr inn sterki 2015-05-16 Knight
Cunen Beornhelm 2015-08-04 Knight
Vladisla Nikulich 2015-08-07 Knight
Ian Kennoven 2015-09-26 Knight
Marek Viacheldrago 2016-04-02 Knight
Aquila d'Athos 2016-04-02 Knight
Jussi Laplein 2016-07-16 Master of Arms
Ruslan Ygoravich Voronov 2017-02-11 Knight
Morgen of Rye 2017-04-08 Knight
Beatrix Krieger 2017-08-07 Knight
Ulrich von Schwartzburg 2017-08-11 Knight
Thorsol Solinauga 2017-09-30 Knight
Dominic Morland 2017-09-30 Knight
Madison Morai 2018-08-05 Knight
Hagar the Blushing 2018-08-06 Knight
Finn Marland O'Shannon 2019-01-05 Knight
Oliver Sutton 2019-04-27 Knight
Cid Hiyo 2019-08-08 Knight
Arden Scot 2019-08-08 Knight
Bors of Rouen 2020-01-11 Knight
Tigernach mac Cathail 2021-07-10 Knight
Boden 2022-04-02 Knight
Lotharius qui et Segimundus 2022-05-28 Knight
Guillaume le Noir 2022-08-11 Knight