Lorimer MacAltin of the Garioch

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Syr Lorimer MacAltin of the Garioch
Resides: Thescorre
Status: Current Member
Awards: Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Lorimer Arms.jpg
Azure, three thistles slipped and leaved argent.

Persona[edit | edit source]

Highland Celtic-Norman Scot living in about 1310 from the Garioch (pronounced gee-ree) in the Earldom of Mar and a supporter of Robert the Bruce. Currently unstuck in time.

Principal Titles[edit | edit source]

Baron Flaming Gryphon

Motto[edit | edit source]

Obtineo    (I Prevail)

Oath of Fealty[edit | edit source]

I here do homage and swear fealty to the Crown of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc
To ever be a good knight and true,
To speak and to be silent,
To do and to let be,
To come and to go
in need or in plenty,
in peace or in war
Until released by word or death
or until the world shall end.
Thus swear I, Syr Lorimer MacAltin of the Garioch.

Summary SCA History[edit | edit source]

Syr Lorimer MacAltin of the Garioch is the founding Baron of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon in the Midrealm.
In March 1987, he moved from there to the Barony of the Cleftlands where he resided until late 2022.
In late 2022, he moved to Æthelmearc, taking up residence on the southern border of The Barony of Thescorre and the northern border of the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn. He is a citizen of the Barony of Thescorre.

Offices & Positions[edit | edit source]

Founding Baron Flaming Gryphon (Midrealm) from October 1979 to March 1987.

Former Kingdom Earl Marshal of the Midrealm.
Former Deputy Earl Marshal of the Midrealm for Ohio and Kentucky.

Second Seneschal of the Shire of Thescorre (East Kingdom) in 1977.
Knight Marshal of the Shire of Thescorre (East Kingdom) from 1976 to 1977.

Miscellany[edit | edit source]

His first event was the A.S. VII (1973) East Kingdom May Crown Tournament won by Sir Finnvarr de Taahe.

He fought for both the East and the Midrealm during Pennsic VI. He carried the East Kingdom banner alongside Prince Frederick of Holland during the Woods Battle. He then officially moved to the Midrealm where he was taken as squire by King Finnvarr de Taahe and fought with Midrealm thereafter.

He gafiated from the SCA for most of the period from 1992 through early 2008. He has remained active since returning in early 2008.

Chivalric Lineage[edit | edit source]

Syr Lorimer was knighted 16 August 1981 (A.S. 16) on the field at the Tenth Pennsic War just prior to the Woods Battle.

Syr Lorimer was squire to Duke Sir Finnvarr de Taahe and trained extensively with Duke Syr Laurelen Darksbane and Duke Syr Alen Elegil.

He took two squires, neither of whom were knighted:
Thomas the Quiet
Michael Arthur of Kerry

Interests and SCA-related hobbies[edit | edit source]

Syr Lorimer is very fond of Western European dancing. As of December 2023, he teaches Western European dance monthly in Thescorre as well as at miscellaneous Æthelmearc events.

He enjoys singing both solo and choral works. He sang as part of the Choral Ball chorus for a variety of Midrealm events plus the Choral Balls at Pennsic 46, 47, and 48 and at KWDMS 12.

Syr Lorimer is interested in researching SCA chivalric genealogy and medieval noble genealogy, particularly in the British Isles.

Although retired from the Armored field, Syr Lorimer enjoys fencing, especially with rapier and dagger.

Pronouns:[edit | edit source]